What does it mean to be Self-employed?

To be self employed (or not to be) is an interesting question. I can name a vast majority of people that would rather be their own boss, but they have no discipline.

There are people who work well with teams.

Many people prefer the “clean hands” approach where they are managed by an entity or business in which they can be told what to do.

Some people prefer their money in their pockets.

What if I told you that isn’t always the case? My bias lies with how staunchly independent I have become.

I am a writer. I am a self employed agent of words and financial wisdom. My new title dictates this. I am technically employed by a company, but only in the sense I am contracted with their products.

Is this an easy process? Absolutely not, it is grueling.

You have to set your schedule and stick to it. This sounds simple. Is it though? Imagine you are a doctor and you create your own schedule. You have eight appointments in the day, but you don’t feel like doing it. Or worse, you over sleep? You lost on money.

That is the caveat with being your own boss. You are a boss. That means the messy income taxes on your own money. That means paying yourself so you can pay bills that month.

Not everyone that can handle that level of stress.

What does it mean to be self employed for me? It means that I am responsible for my financial future.

Basic ethics for self/independently employed individuals:

  1. Personal goals that can be met and made that are personalized to the individual.
  2. A business model in place to follow.
  3. A schedule you can follow.
  4. Responsibility for your own worth.
  5. Dependability.

I know if you’re reading this, you have at least some of these aspects woven into your personality. Let’s harvest the enthusiasm and foster our determination to work for ourselves, even if we’re apart of a larger company. Stay safe, and healthy. Most importantly, financially healthy.

I'm a writer with a passion for research pieces about the strange and unusual.

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