Healing in the age a pandemic

Last year is behind us. Shall we reflect on the broken mirror?

No, not politics and illness.


I was and have been dealing with depression and PTSD for years. I can honestly say I’d rather deal with this than my childhood, but it was real close to horrific. Last year was an emotional roller coaster for everyone.

Now that we can say “it’s a new year”, let’s make it a new year.

Learn a new skill that will jumpstart your new career or improve in the career you’re in currently.

Savor the flavor of love and joy.

Let’s start tomorrow morning at six in the morning with a hot cup of coffee or tea, and eat breakfast for the first time in years. Let’s have brunch because you’ve been working hard. Let’s have a three course dinner and dessert with your loved ones because why disconnect now? We’ve been disconnected this whole time.


Let’s all reconnect. Start grounding again. Breath evenly and feel your feet in the carpet, toes wiggling in the fabric. Listen carefully to the birds or wind outside while you breath.

Say “I love you”. Be there.

It’s a long time coming, and we are desperate for it now, more than ever.

Welcome home to mindfulness.

I'm a writer with a passion for research pieces about the strange and unusual.

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