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I wrote my first creative piece upon reading a book that had a frustrating ending. I, unfortunately, am extremely opinionated on what I like to read and watch. The ending of the above-mentioned book I have long since forgotten, not to mention its title. I do remember how passionately I rewrote the ending. This is where the obsession began.

I had a therapist around this time, for behavioral issues, which led to the suggestions of writing in a journal. What began as nonsense thoughts and horrifying dreams, quickly became a source of creativity. Teachers from every school I attended all…

It’s fair to say that you don’t know me. I’m not surprised either.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might get a taste of who I am, but that’s debatable. I’m clearly an aspiring full-time writer.

What else is vital about me? What would possibly inspire you to follow and support my endeavors? I intend on convincing you in this post.

Hello, and welcome. I’m here to entertain you. I’m here to scare you. I’m here to thrill you. My little corner of intrigue goes into many subjects. I prefer the strange and unusual.

Do you enjoy psychology? Do…

The Super Power of Living.

What are super powers? Are they real? Can anyone possess them? Let’s get into some facts. The links will be cited below if you’re interested in taking a look at them. Also, DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY OF THESE LISTED ABILITIES AT HOME. SOME ARE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS AND CAN LEAD TO SEVERE INJURY, AND CAN BE FATAL. Dahlia Blake Productions exercises caution when listing these things as they are meant for entertainment and not to be replicated. Thank you.

Some of the phrases and comments are paraphrased from the cited articles below. Again, please do not…

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It started off in the distance, a low drone of whispering. I’ve heard this sound since I was a child. I would point it out and my mother would pat my head and tell me “don’t worry Jenny, it’s probably something outside” and tuck me in before leaving me in darkness. This low whispering, just beyond my ear, behind me, just down the hall. I woke up that night and I could swear I understood a handful of words being said. A jumble of words that made no sense…

My life started and ended in the same moment.

The many bad habits I perpetuated over the years ended. Negative thoughts of self-destruction ended. The cancer that plagued my abdomen disguised as irregularities in several areas of what should be normal bodily functions.

Yet in all that chaos, my life started again.

Like the cliché of the phoenix being reborn from its ashes, I have been as well.

I seized it as a time to take control of my life. It feels like I have control again.

I have a daily schedule which I control and maintain on my terms.

I am pathologically private to a fault. Growing up with a private family, then becoming a private adult, made it difficult to be vulnerable. There are moments that changed that for me.

Going into therapy was one. I realized I could identify emotions and triggers in an environment that was safe.

Then came my son. I had my son and giving birth is a real eye opener. You spread wide in front of strangers (though they are medical professionals, they are strangers to you) and bring into this world a life for which you are responsible.

Then I found out…

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

Money has a job? Strange to consider money as an employee, but it might help you view your finances differently.

Let’s start with worth. Why? From a personal standpoint, I have to play games with my perspective. “It’s only worth as much as you invest in it”, is true with your money. If you look at money as an employee, you’ll think about investing as a strategy instead of a means to riches. Of course you can get rich if you put your mind to it. There are ways to do that safely. …

Last year is behind us. Shall we reflect on the broken mirror?

No, not politics and illness.


I was and have been dealing with depression and PTSD for years. I can honestly say I’d rather deal with this than my childhood, but it was real close to horrific. Last year was an emotional roller coaster for everyone.

Now that we can say “it’s a new year”, let’s make it a new year.

Learn a new skill that will jumpstart your new career or improve in the career you’re in currently.

Savor the flavor of love and joy.

Let’s start…

Camille DeMott

I'm a writer with a passion for research pieces about the strange and unusual.

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